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  Single Channel Mixed-Field Analyser

Single Channel Mixed-Field Analyser

This extremely versatile digital analyser offers a complete real-time Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) solution for scintillation detectors with Multi-Channel Analyser (MCA) Pulse Height Spectra (PHS) analysis. The analyser has applications in coincidence and multiplicity counting, security & safeguards, mixed-field assay and imaging.

The analyser can function with or without a host PC。 Either an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection affords the use of the PC- or tablet-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) where system configuration, auto-calibration and the ability to analyse PSD and PHS data can be performed。 The GUI supports touch screen functionality and scales appropriately to the number of MFA devices detected on the network。

When functioning independently (i.e. without a host PC) separate digital TTL outputs are available for analysis using secondary instrumentation such as a coincidence counter. The TTL outputs toggle according to the event type, have a high real-time throughput and are synchronised in time with the incident event.

An auto-calibration feature provides a convenient means for response matching detectors by automatically fine tuning the dedicated HV supplies to align the PHS spectra obtained using a calibration source (typically 137Cs).


• 500 MSa/s sampling rate
• 12-bit resolution
• 3 Mpps PSD throughput
• Time correlated TTL outputs
• Built-in HV
• Fully user configurable
• Firmware upgradeable
• Windows®-based interface
• Low-contamination option
• EJ301, EJ309, EJ299 and CLYC compatibility tested

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