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  The transport solution for your satellite and sensitive equipments

The transport solution for your satellite and sensitive equipments



1. Introduction


Pandora is a family of multi-purpose transport con- tainers, which are the best solution for transport and storage of satellites, satellite systems and com- ponents, instruments and, other sensitive equipment needing a controlled and monitored environment.

We design and develop the transport containers ac-cording to customer’s requirements and demands. Designed for space instruments, Pandora could also be your solution for all the equipments and high val- ue goods which require a monitored environment for transportation.










2. Features


- Robust and lightweight body making use of a strong quadrangular bar structure with aluminum panel- ing covering.

- A Shock/Vibration Absorption system absorbing the vibration caused by transportation and protecting the equipment from incidental shocks during load/ unload procedures.

- (optional) Integrated GN-2 Purging, Equalization and Relief system, allowing the creation of a clean internal environment to maintain the equipment’s cleanliness and contamination level during trans-port and storage.

- (optional) Integrated closed circuit Environmental Control System (ECS). The ECS is customizable to the different transported equipment’s requirements, and it maintains the internal environmental condi- tions such as temperature and humidity levels and the cleanliness level.

- Environmental monitoring, including recording capa- bilities for different parameters, such as acceleration, pressure, temperature and humidity up to 30 days, in- cluding a fast USB 2.0 interface for data acquisition.

- Standard hoisting   and stowing points for secure ground, sea or air transportation according to the most widely used European standards (or other standards).

- (Optional) Removable polyuerthane/Aluminium cas- tors to allow the container to be used as a trolley over a variety of floors (basic version for concrete and PVC)




3. Applications


- Transport and storage of:


 Satellite systems and components


 Other Sensitive equipment needing a controlled and monitored environment


- Pandora can also be used for long term storage when external electrical power is provided.






4. Specification





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