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  Aurora 1400A Permeabilized Fiber System


Aurora 1400A Permeabilized Fiber System



 The 1400A and 1410A Permeabilized Fiber Systems are designed to enhance experimental throughput and simplify complex permeabilized fiber experiments. They provide accurate measurements of fiber properties across a broad range of applications and tests. Performing a force-pCa experiment is a breeze with our automatically indexing bath plate. Pre-program calcium concentrations and activation/relaxation sequences and let the 1400A system do the rest.





Technology principle

Included is temperature controlled apparatus which includes XYZ micrometer stages with built-in mounts for our high-speed length controllers and force transducers. The bath controller features exclusive software with a programmable motion control sequencer for automated bath transfer of the fiber being studied. Also included are a high-speed length controller, precision force transducer, data acquisition hardware and our unique real-time Linux control and analysis software.

Our dedicated software includes a library of experimental protocols, simplifying the process and allowing easy measurement of both force and length. When combined with our optional HVSL/VSL sarcomere length measurement system the researcher can control and measure length, force, and sarcomere length. These advanced features allow researchers to completely characterize permeabilized fibers performing all of the standard tests including force-pCa, kTr, length-tension, force-velocity and stiffness.

The Aurora Scientific permeabilized fiber test system is manufactured using corrosion resistant materials and can easily mount on an inverted microscope for basic observation or more sophisticated imaging.

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1400A specifications

315C-I/322C: High-Speed Length Controller

403A: Force Transducer

600A: Real-Time Muscle Data Acquisition and Analysis System

802D: Permeabilized Fiber Apparatus – Microscope Mountable


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