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  Double Helix Optics’ SPINDLE

Double Helix Optics’ SPINDLE

Product introduction:

Using Double Helix Optics’ patented Light Engineering technology as its foundation, the SPINDLE can be easily installed on existing microscopes to enable advanced 3D imaging and tracking with super-resolution capabilities. Built-in bypass mode allows for easy return to non-3D experiments.
• Patented phase mask design overcomes traditional limitations enabling 3D imaging with unparalleled depth and axial precision 
• Select from a library of masks optimized to the emission wavelength needed for your 3D experiment. 
• Compatible with wide range of microscopes, objectives and cameras
Double Helix Optics’ SPINDLE gives researchers the ability to easily capture and analyze 3D images of cellular structures down to the single molecule level.

Product advantage:

Reconstruct 3D super-resolution images with the best precision-depth combination and no axial stitching.
Nanoscale precision for both axial and lateral localization .
3D Single Particle Tracking:
Extended depth enables capture of longer particle tracks and faster acquisition 
Compatible with fluorescent beads, dyes and photoactivatable proteins.
Small footprint allows for easy installation even in space-constrained environments. Input and output C-mount adapters provide easy support for commercial and 
custom-built microscopes and cameras.
Highly reliable system with no moving parts. Switchable phase mask cartridges,and auxillary emission filter holders for maximum experiment flexiblity.
Modular design evolves your existing system into an advanced 3D imaging and tracking system with super-resolution 
Custom designed optics for precision 
imaging and tracking
Intelligent data analysis
• imaging
• Custom Optics of view of large format sensors
• Transmission > 95%
• Built-in corrective optics to ensure pupil plane alignment to your microscope and objectives
• Ease of install with stable alignment of x, y, and z positions of the phase mask in the relayed pupil plane
• 3DTRAX™ Software, a FIJI plugin provides
- 3D Localization of molecules
- 3D Rendering
- Drift correction
- Tracking
- Visualization
• Intuitive plots help to ensure quality data throughout the analysis process
• Quantitative analysis

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