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  Hand-held heart rate monitor

Hand-held heart rate monitor


The Gmax VetCheck system measures your horse's heart in the simplest and most accurate way to maximize horse performance and health.

The rechargeable handheld displays the heart rate within seconds of being placed on the horse and can see its screen in any case。

VetCheck also records and displays ECG tracking for detailed diagnosis and performance monitoring。

Data can be wirelessly transmitted to an optional public screen and sent to your mobile device or IT system。

The Gmax VetCheck is so accurate that it has been chosen for use in FEI endurance races。 The image above shows the use of the system with other Gmax riders management screens。

Uses and characteristics:

By looking at the heart of a horse, we can learn about the health of the horse and the effect of training.

It can also provide indicators of horse health and comfort, and detailed analysis of electrical signals (ECG) helps early diagnosis of heart problems in order to take appropriate action。

However, traditional measurement methods require a great deal of skill and experience and heavy equipment。

Gmax VetCheck is the simplest and most accurate way to measure your horse's heart rate at racetrack or stables.

In addition to calculating and displaying heart rates, it also displays and records horse electrocardiograms for more detailed diagnosis.

Even while the horse is lying (the operator can stand behind the horse), it can be safely used and captured in noisy environments where stethoscopes are not possible。

The system is strong and waterproof, and the screen is visible in all light conditions.

Gmax VetCheck is especially suitable for horse endurance competitions.

Its highly accurate measurement means that it has been approved for the FEI endurance race.

It provides greater transparency and traceability of measurements and can therefore be used to maintain the highest standards of integrity and health.

It has been adopted by several of the world's leading endurance centers.

Methods of use:

Hold the trigger and start measuring.

When the trigger is released, the measurement stops

Real time heart rate displayed on screen

Using the function button on the left, users can also view real-time electrocardiograms

Measurements are recorded in memory and can be downloaded for analysis。

Our unique heart rate calculations are based on the analysis of ECG records in 1000 horses:

-calculate heart rates the same way as veterinarians, but accurate to modern electronics.-calculate every beat!

-the count of horses with irregular heart beats is correct

-Beep can be heard when every beat is detected

The device can be configured for FEI approved endurance veterinary examinations:

-configurable cycling heart rate threshold (e.g. 64bpm)

-when the heart rate is obtained, start the 1-minute timer, which is displayed on the screen。

-within a 15-second interval, the displayed value flashes。 If the value reaches the threshold, the test will end and the display will show "through。"

-if the measurement runs for 1 minute and fails to reach the threshold, the test will end and the display will show "fail"

Software can upgrade new features as needed

Application features:

For endurance veterinary examinations, all-weather outdoor color LED display accessories can be seen more than 200 meters away (other sizes are optional)

Automatic brightness adjustment-visible in the brightest sun, but not dazzling at night

Install options for columns, walls, or hanging on top

Graphic and size options can be customized as required

• wireless data connection between display and handheld.

Integration options (data feeds) to support IT management systems


VetCheck will record up to 2 hours of data in memory, which can be downloaded to a

PC uses USB data lines and software provided.

Recordings can be reviewed using our PC software, with the following features:

-preparation of electrocardiograms

-automatic detection of heart beats

-Mapping of calculated heart rate

Graphics with zooming / scrolling features that interest you in examining more detailed features

ECG data can also be opened in Excel or other standard analytical tools.

Optionally, data can also be transmitted from device to windows or android PC/ tablet in real time using Bluetooth

This allows for real-time and easy checking of data on large screens for collaborative diagnosis.

The function is also useful in teaching or explaining diagnosis and electrocardiogram measurement

Accessories Optional:

•Each VetCheck system has a rugged case for easy transportation and storage

Examples include (depending on the system purchased):

-handheld units

Hand-held mounting bracket

-usb charging / download line

-usb power adapter

Electrocardiogram electrode gel

-Public display

-Wireless transmitter (connecting laptops and public monitors)

-Public display power cable

Please discuss with us your preference for power cables, installation options, etc., to meet local requirements

Provide support and training options

Personalized customization:

Personalized special version of the "VIP" version can be customized according to customer requirements to create a unique luxury appearance.

Examples include custom paints, precious metals, exotic materials and carvings or decorations

Make a practical gift for a dedicated rider, or a unique and valuable competition prize!


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