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  CET equine SPA

CET equine SPA 


Hypothermia spa can cure a range of leg injuries, eliminate painful inflammation, and have a good effect on joint injuries, hoofs, hoof injuries, ligaments injuries, tendinitis, tibia pain, soft tissue injuries, abscesses. A soft swelling, etc.

This high quality marine stainless steel, after more than 20 years of research and development, there are 3 full-size equipment, primary edition, luxury version, classic, and the world's only portable mini device. All equipment comes with boot kit, salt, medicine, etc.   

Therapeutic advantage

"CET SPA is an obvious choice in the field of horse training and rehabilitation," said the U。S。 Olympic team veterinarian。

You've invested a lot of money and time in training a race horse. Please also train SPA to protect your race horse with the safest, most efficient and most cost-effective horses in the world.

CET horse SPA is made of high quality stainless steel, and for more than 20 years, it continues to build the best value for money horse SPA. for customers

Since we started producing horse SPA, we have focused on horse and operator safety and horse spa hygiene。 In addition to the excellent filtration system, we also focus on improving refrigeration efficiency, reducing operating costs, reducing the overall chemical consumption, making CET horse Spa the most environmentally friendly horse spa system on the market。

CET production has three full-size horse SPA, basic edition, luxury version, classic. CET also has the world's only portable horse SPA system.

Why do you choose spa from a professional veterinarian's point of view

In order to correctly understand the effects of hypothermia spa on horse spa, we need to recall how the body responds to muscle tension, cuts, and bruises。 When the soft tissue is cut, torn, or damaged by a concussion, the body releases enzymes and proteins that dilate the surrounding vascular walls and become more permeable。

Lymphocytes are directed to the wound site, through more permeable membranes, into the injured tissue, and begin to fight infection。 More body fluids, carrying oxygen and proteins for tissue repair, gather around the injured area, causing edema or swelling and helping to fix the damage。 Tissue damage also triggers hormone secretion, causing pain in horses to prevent overuse of injured limbs。 In addition, an increase in blood flow to the injured site leads to an increase in tissue temperature nearby。

The three main symptoms of inflammation, namely pain, fever and swelling, occur to varying degrees depending on the location, nature and severity of the injury。 The negative effect of inflammation is that it can get out of control and block healing, leading to secondary tissue damage or hypoxia damage, which may complicate the problem。 In addition, blood vessels in the region are under increasing pressure as fluid accumulates, slowing down the flow of blood and lymphatics。

The safest way to break the destructive cycle of secondary cell damage and excessive swelling is to use the horse's circulatory system to remove excess fluid from the tissue。

Although anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce swelling and fever, they can also mask pain and make the diagnosis wrong. In addition, the use of glucocorticoids to control heat and inflammation may lead to disruption of the entire healing process.

How SPA works

Horse SPA relies mainly on the following four factors:


The application of low temperature triggered three basic reactions. First, at the cellular level, the metabolic response of the cells is reduced, so the cells need less oxygen to operate, thus reducing hypoxia damage. Secondly, the permeability of the vascular wall decreased, thus reducing the amount of fluid accumulated at the injured site. Third, hypothermia will numb this area to a certain extent and play a role in local analgesia. One of the benefits of hypothermia is that it does not mask the healing process. Note, however, that low-temperature applications should not be excessive. For example, excessive use of ice can cause tissue damage.


Salt concentrations in water affect the healing process. Higher salt concentrations take away more fluid that accumulates around the wound. In addition, different salt ratios can make the wound heal faster.

Water level depth

The greater the depth of water, the greater the physical pressure on the tissue。 Once again, it helps to disperse the effusion。


Aerated water has twice the effect: it increases the level of dissolved oxygen in the water and gives soft tissue a slight massage。 Increasing oxygen levels is thought to help the treatment process just as hyperbaric oxygen tanks do to the human body, while massage effects affect fluid dispersion。 In addition, horses are more relaxed in cold water, as evidenced by lower heart rates。

Spa treatment range

Hypothermia spa can be used to treat leg problems, remove inflammatory pain and root causes of body fluids, and quickly repair tissues.

The following symptoms generally respond well to The treatment of hydroTherapy:

injury of joint 


Brittle hoof / hoof wound

ligament injury 


Tibia / leg soreness


In addition, hypothermia equine hydrotherapy has proved to be an effective preventive approach and helps to recover fatigue and injury during and after the race.

There is also the world's only Mini SPA, for hoofs only:


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