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  Synthra Radioactive drug synthesis system

synthra Radioactive drug synthesis system


Synthra is a company founded in the year 2008.However, it collects 35 years of experience in the field of targetry, radiopharmaceutical production, quality control and lab automation. Bruno Nebeling, Synthra's founder and CEO, is considered pioneer of automated production of molecular imaging tracer production.One of the world's most successful automated synthesizer lines is based on his ideas and developments. Synthra's products are the result of further development of these successful technologies.

Synthra MeIplus Research is a flexible and fully automated synthesis system for the conventional production of any [11 C] carbon tagged compounds based on gas phase [11 C] methyl iodide or optional [11 C] methyl trifluorosulfonate synthesis or grignard reaction generation.

synthra technical characteristics:

√ 9 heating zones, 4 of them with cooling capabilities

√ 2 closed reaction vessels with integrated cooling 

√ 3 electronic flow controllers

√  1 gas phase pressure sensor for leak detection

√  Variable wavelength detector 

√  Two HPLC columns for in-process and final purification              

We are experts in custom modules. Over the past two years, 80 percent of our radio synthesizers have been personalized products. Our custom solutions include everything from directory upgrades (or downgrades) to fully customized boxes. All modules can be customized. User requirements are a priority not only for modules, but for services and support. We help our customers create new synthetic files based on published and self-developed compositions. Synthra provides a dedicated line of cleaning cartridges for Synthra modules and a large number of external radio synthesizers.

Technology principle:

Synthra radiosynthesizers are designed as closed systems for GMP and GLP conform production。 All wetted components are chemically inert what simplifies maintenance and protects the final product。 All modules are equipped with a chemical inert vacuum pump (end vacuum of < 5 mbar) and a liquid nitrogen trap for radioactive volatiles collection。 Exhaust gas can be collected separately。 

Synthra modules are equipped with 4 different reactor types which allow both homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions. The current reactor options are:

• Closed reaction vessel (250°C) • Loop oven (220°C)  • Cartridge oven (220°C)  

• Non-heatable reaction loop。All PID heatable options can be cooled down to -50°C for [18F]-modules and up to -196°C for [11C]-radiosynthesizers, reducing reaction time。 The optimized heating/cooling from r。t。 to 100 °C and vice versa takes 1 minute。 All closed ovens and circulation system are pressure controlled。


PET radiopharmaceutical synthesis

Nuclide synthesis

tracer synthesis

synthra technical information:

1。 9 heating zones, 4 of them with cooling capabilities (-196 °C - 800 °C)

2. 2 closed reaction vessels with integrated cooling (-196 °C - 250 °C)

3. 3 electronic flow controllers 

4。 1 gas phase pressure sensor for leak detection

5. Built-in preparative Radio/UV-HPLC system (40 mL/min = max flow)

6. Variable wavelength detector 

7. Two HPLC columns for in-process and final purification

8. Automatic, pneumatic valve to select the HPLC column ,6 shielded radiation detectors for in-process feedback 

9. Chemically inert values with small dead volume (< 35ul )

10. Chemically inert vacuum pump with end vacuum of < 5 hPa (5 mbar) 

11。 Automatic pneumatic injection valve with a 1。5 mL sample loop

12. Electronic control and data collection system for 18 channels embedded

13. Automated cleaning program


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